Architectural Design

We’ve all admired and perhaps even been moved by great architecture at some stage in our life, whether by one of the grand cathedrals of Europe or by something as humble as the kiwi bach. Even if we can’t articulate what good design is exactly, there’s no doubt that we recognise and respond to it when we are exposed to it.

Yet when it comes to creating the spaces that we live our own lives in, many of us opt for the ordinary or the pragmatic, without much thought to creating architecture that will enrich our lives and those of generations to come.

While great architecture certainly owes a great debt to the designer’s vision, it is indeed a collaboration between client and architectural draughtsman that plays an important role in the design process.

Due to major events such as leaky homes and the Christchurch Earthquake, building act requirements have drastically changed. Every aspect of building a new home must be considered. No stone can be left unturned. It is not uncommon to submit 20-30 A3 / A2 pages of detailed draughting as well as documentation to the local authorities for building consent.

Therefore it’s extremely important to engage an architect/draughtsman that will not only guide you through the creative process but also successfully obtain a building consent.

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