Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge…..?

This is probably the most common question we get asked and one that is very difficult to answer without knowing in detail what you are hoping to achieve and what you are expecting from us.  We need to know the total scope of a project as well as the extent of any involvement prior to being able to provide you with a fee proposal.

Once we have met with you and have an accurate gauge on what you are wanting, and the scope of work involved, then we will provide an estimated fee which we will send you shortly after the first meeting.

The complexity of the building, or parts of the building, may have considerable impact on the value of the fees charged as some components may require more intensive detailing work than others.  Small contracts often require the same amount detail and documentation as larger buildings and this is reflected in a higher fee for lower value work.

Where do we start….?

Firstly, is the requirement for the brief. This should be as comprehensive as possible. It needs to detail your wants, needs and requirements.  It could also include size, budget, photo’s, magazine cut-outs of appealing products, or buildings, lifestyle etc.  Really it is anything you give us to show what you like and dislike that will facilitate the design process as much as possible. Sometimes the brief may be a bit up in the air in some areas, but these things will quickly sort themselves out after the first couple of design meetings.  We can help you with the development of this as there may be things you are unclear about or need a professional opinion on.

How long does the process take….?

As the saying goes ‘good things take time’. It really comes down to how large the project is and what consents are required from the Council. A building consent can take around 20 working days (approximately one month), processing time through Council and if a Resource Consent is required also, another month may be necessary.  The design work required comes down to our work load at that time and how quickly you as the client can make decisions.  Generally speaking for a small project that only requires a Building Consent allow approximately three months from engagement to being able to ‘break ground’ on site.  If a Resource Consent is required allow an additional two months. For very large jobs the process can extend over six months or more.

I already know what I want, can you just draw up the plans….?

Yes, we are happy to work with either your own design or the design of another professional as long as any copyright issues are resolved in writing.  After our initial meeting we reserve the right to decide not to follow through if we can see any potential problems with the design that cannot be resolved between us. All we ask is that you allow us to make any improvements or suggestions that we see beneficial to the project, relating to aesthetics, costs or problem areas we discover.